How to make use of decluttered things before selling your home

Decluttering is a huge issue whenever it comes to selling house quickly. We all think we don’t have that many things, which need to be thrown out or given away, but in reality we all have our fair share of clutter. In this article we would like to share some of the best ways to get rid of decluttered things. Some may even help you earn a bit of an extra money too.

Garage sales

In the suburbs garage sales is a real event. If you have many things you feel like other people may be happy for then you can simply arrange a garage sales for one of the weekend days when people are home. Garage sales works the best when it comes to selling clothes, DVDs, CDs, old but functioning appliances, toys, books, magazines, newspapers and furniture. Make sure everything is as clean as possible though. This can be a great program for your kids to feel useful and also it can make you earn some good money too.


If you have clothes or things you used to collect such as stamps, glasses, specific magazines or dolls or other figures, then you can be sure that there are tons of other collectors who wait online to buy these from you, often for a good sum. Do your research, then put them on sales, especially those which tend to have a high value. This also goes for clothes and shoes which were never worn and are in a good enough shape to be sold.

Second hand stores

If you end up having piles of unused clothes which you would like to get rid of then the first place you should visit is a second hand store who would be more than willing to buy your clothes. The only thing you need to make sure of is that everything is clean, not over-worn and are in a good enough shape to be worn by someone else. You won’t make a big money as most of the stores buy clothes based on their overall weight but it’s still better than nothing. There are second hand stores which are focusing on buying used home appliances too, therefore if you have some of those, they can be more then suitable to bring to.

Antique stores

Many of us have some antiques which may even be worth a couple of hundreds of dollars without us even realizing it. If you tend to find things you see are old, go to an antique store and ask around about their real value. You may end up earning plenty of money for one or more of your old things.

Junk buyers

There are specific people dealing with buying up used and heavily used things, including cars, appliances and furniture. Most of them will not pay you big money but at least they will go to your home and carry all of these away which saves you time, money and energy too.

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