The key steps to cleaning – before selling your home

Everyone knows that when it comes to selling house quickly the key to making a home look more attractive is to make them look as clean as possible. But not many of us have the real time to do a real thorough cleaning, to make sure your home is as clean as it is humanly possible. Therefore we thought to enlist the key areas to clean and how to clean them. In the end we will also enlist the things which you really need to get rid of, before your home goes on sale.

1.) Clean all the floors

This is the first step to making your home look as clean as possible. No matter your floor is tiled or wooden, there are specific cleaning methods to use to make them look as clean and shiny as possible. Make sure you collect all the carpets, move the furniture in order to have the whole area cleaned. Use a steam floor cleaner as this is the latest and most effective method to thoroughly clean your floor just everywhere.


2.) Carpet cleaning

Carpets should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis but once we tend to live with them, especially if there are kids around, sometimes the dirt sports in carpets get unattended for a long period of time and you end up simply getting used to seeing them every day. However make sure this does not happen when it comes to your customers. There are great carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaners which also work as carpet cleaners which can help you.


3.) Clean the furniture

This is a two way cleaning. First of all, every single one of our furniture also works as a sponge for all the dust in the air. And what's frightening is, that our vacuum cleaners only have the capacity to clean the furniture from a small fragment of the total amount which your furniture has collected. Be sure you get the proper cleanser for all your furniture, especially the wooden ones. Do not forget to dust even the top of each furniture because it heavily affects the quality of air inside. And last but not least, if you have a sofa take it to pieces and marvel over all the food remains which are stuck in between the pillows and other areas. Get a proper textile cleaner or a professional who cleans them all for you.


4.) Window cleaning

It's always challenging to clean the windows and that's exactly why they have to have their own cleaning equipment. As it is laborious we only tend to do them once or twice every year which is obviously not too many times. People tend to get used to dirt and the same goes for the windows. But to sell home fast you ought to clean them as best as you can. They are the Nr.1 signs of a clean home.


5.) The outdoor area

People tend to forget about the cleaning of their yards or gardens but they are as important as the rest of the home therefore make sure you cut the grass and make them look their very best.

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